Buildings, structures Wike will demolish in Abuja identified [See list and places]

 the newly appointed Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has given the green light for the demolition of 30 slum areas across the territory, including Garki and Jabi. These slums, encompassing approximately 6,000 buildings, were previously identified by the Federal Capital Development Authority in an assessment predating the current administration.the  FCTA, under Wike’s direction, is embarking on this extensive demolition campaign as a strategic measure to eliminate shanties and unauthorized structures within the nation’s capital. The recent administration, under Wike’s leadership, is resolute in its determination to uphold the original master plan of the FCT and eliminate any encroachments or deviations from it.During his inauguration as Minister, Wike, who was previously the Governor of Rivers State, expressed his commitment to restoring order to the FCT’s urban landscape. He promised to rectify the distortions caused by illegal constructions, particularly within the green zones of Abuja. The Minister’s firm stance signifies a departure from lax enforcement and a renewed dedication to eradicating land speculation.

Wike shared his firsthand observations, revealing that he personally conducted nocturnal inspections throughout the FCT to assess the extent of the urban planning violations. He was dismayed by the extent to which illegal structures had encroached upon designated green areas, disrupting the aesthetic and structural harmony of the city.

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