The Best Places To Spend December With Your Family

 The Best Places To Spend December With Your Family

The term "Detty December" has grown to imply a variety of things, including a time to relieve stress and stimulate the holiday spirit. A lot of folks travel during the holiday season in December because it's the last month of the year.

The Christmas season in Nigeria is jam-packed with a lot of family gatherings and social events. Additionally, Nigeria as a Nation is endowed with an abundance of tourist attractions, such as stunning beautiful landscapes, making it a fantastic location to spend time during this period. Most families, lovers, and friends see Christmas as a special time to unite. However, the setting in which you spend such a special occasion is quite important, since one cannot recall an occasion or trip if the setting wasn't one to remember.

Everyone should, therefore, consider a wonderful location to spend Christmas with family, aside from the usual journey to the village, with only a few days till the festival.

In this article, I would provide you with the best places to spend December with your Family.

A List Of 20 Places To Spend December With Your Family

There are many places to spend December with family and friends. But I'll list out the best options.

1. Tinapa Resort

The Tinapa Resort is a business and vacation resort situated in Calabar, the magnificent capital of the Cross River State. The resort has incredible amenities: a casino, kid's play area, amphitheater, retail as well as wholesale stores for your shopping needs, and an eight-screen digital theater.

The Tinapa Resort, which is one of the best places to spend December with your family, is situated in the Calabar Free Trade Zone. You can also take advantage of the situation and look for business prospects in the region while also purchasing electrical goods at an incredibly low cost.

2. Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock is among Nigeria's most attractive cities. Zuma Rock is made of a huge basalt, and the location is just a stone's throw from  Abuja. Zuma rock is a sizable natural rock which is situated just to the west of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and is sometimes described as the "Gateway to Abuja from Suleja."

Because of these amazing features, it is a good place to spend December with your family. You can be sure that you'll be accompanied by an expert hiker when visiting this lovely location this Christmas.

3. Obudu Cattle Ranch

The Obudu Cattle Ranch has established itself as a top pickers' destination. This vacation spot provides a wide range of activities and is one of the best places to spend December with your family. You'll find it interesting that Nigerians and even foreigners travel to Obudu Cattle Ranch to admire the natural beauty of this lovely Holiday spot.

4. Palm Shopping Mall

The Palm Shopping Mall, which is on the Lekki peninsula, has a 6-screen movie theater and roughly 1000 parking spaces. In addition to first-rate restaurants, the mall is home to a variety of companies for your shopping needs.

 I can assure you that a  few hours spent at the movies help you flee the boredom of your normal TV at home while the movie culture slowly returns. This is why it is one of the best places to spend December with your family. Would you also want to go with your lover? I'm willing to wager that a love story would be the best option.

5. Mpape Crushed Rock

Mpape Crushed Rock quarry in Abuja, has been closed down. This scenic location in Nigeria is ideal for a picnic with the family, a photo shoot, or a cool trek this December. I suggest that you gather your supplies, put on some relaxed footwear, and travel to this scenic marvel.

6. Enemabia Warm Spring

This December, it will be a blessing for you and family your to travel to Ememabia Warm Spring. You can bring even bring your friends to the spring, a spot where you can be rest assured they will love swimming in the water's pure state.

7. The Yankari Game Reserve

Do you want to experience the wild this December? Usually, schools bring kids to the Yankari game resort. The Reserve is the ideal location to enjoy nature's creatures up close, including chimps, hippos, elephants, and more than 50 other types of animals, fish, and birds.

This vast wildlife reserve, which is situated in Bauchi State, was first established in 1956 as a game reserve before becoming a national park in 1991.

With a total size of 2244 square kilometers, the park is home to over 350 different kinds of vibrant birds.

The reserve also boasts of offering visitors quality and reasonably priced lodging. I fervently hope that if you and your Family/friends visit Yankari this December, you remember to cool yourself in the warm spring and keep an eye on your possessions for baboons.

8. Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls

The spectacular Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls are made up of seven waterfalls that flow over a hillside. Each component creates seven distinct levels, each of which offers a brand-new experience. In light of the foregoing, Erin-Ijesha waterfall is unquestionably among the best places in Nigeria to spend December with your family.

9. Warm Spring Resort in Ikogosi

This enigmatic spring, which has the name of the Elitist State town of Ikogosi, is surrounded by another chilly spring, each of which maintains its temperature.

Are you looking for a place with recreational facilities and good accommodation? You no longer need to worry because Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort has both lodging options and recreational amenities for guests who want to spend the night in the tranquil setting that the resort provides. The resort is also among the best places to spend December with your family.

10. Oguta Lake Resort

The Lake of Treasure, popularly known as Oguta Lake Resort, is situated in Oguta, a serene neighborhood in Owerri.

The intersection of the muddy Ulasi River and the azure Oguta Lake, which both still have their colors, is the distinguishing feature of this Lake Resort. Do you want to swim and not worry about any dangerous creatures? There are no known dangerous creatures in the Oguta Lake Resort. 

In addition to these amazing features, Oguta Lake Resort has a recreational park, thrilling cruise boat services, a golf course with 18 internationally accepted courses, conventional housing options, and a first-rate eating venue. No wonder most experts see Oguta Lake Resort as the ideal location for a family get-together during this"Detty December".

11. Obudu Mountain Resort

Are you a traveler looking for excitement and serenity? The Obudu Mountain Resort is the place for you.

The resort, which is one of Nigeria's best places to spend December with your family, is situated in the highlands and thick tropical forests of Cross River State. It is regarded as one of Africa's finest vacation spots. With your family, I'm sure you'll appreciate the cable cars, canopy walkways, and a ton of other things.

12. La Campagne Tropicana

Juexperience at La Campagne Tropicana's ultra-luxury service will have a lover returning time and time. This is one of the best places in Ijegun, Lagos, to relax and rest with your family this December.

Their service is included in La Champagne Tropicana's great magnificence and African-themed hospitality.

Even though it makes for a wonderful hiding place, its location offers the best vantage of the sun sinking over the spectacular Atlantic Ocean.

Their outdoor activities, such as swimming in the stunning ocean and playing various games, will keep you busy and help you burn off the extra calories that come with the holiday season in December.

13. Abraka Turf and Country Club

The Abraka Turf and Country Club are located in Abraka, Delta State, on the banks of the serene Ethiopian River.

When entering the Abraka Turf and Country Club, the first thing that strikes a person is the vast, meticulously maintained expanse of green with horses grazing on the lawn, which gives every visitor to the resort a sensation of tranquillity and calmness.

Do you want good catering services? The resort offers first-rate lodging and catering options for visitors with varying financial means, as well as activities like horseback riding, paddling, kayaking, fishing, and swimming in the enigmatically pure River Ethiope—so transparent that one can view fish swimming in it.

If you admire nature and serenity, then I'm sure that the Abraka resort is the place to spend December with your family.

14. Jos Wildlife Park

Your family and friends should visit this 8 square kilometer park in December as it is undoubtedly Nigeria's best-developed man-made wildlife park.

Jos Wildlife Park is home to numerous wildlife species such as lions, buffalos, alligators, hippopotamus, zebras, ostriches, etc.

The park offers a variety of attractions as well, including a fantastic restaurant, a picnic pine forest, a movie viewing center, and many more.

15.  Wonderland Amusement Park

Located in the nation's capital, this 330,000 square meters ultra-modern park is without a doubt the largest and best-equipped park in Nigeria.

The amusement park provides tourists with relaxing gardens, fun rides, and a fantastic arcade. Once inside the well-known Fulani Ranch, which serves a range of delectable regional and international cuisines, a trip to Millennium Park with family and friends would not be complete.

To meet your needs while visiting the park, there are a variety of additional eateries and retail establishments nearby. The park is also home to a clinic for the care of superficial cuts.

You would be correct to refer to Millennium Park as a secure haven with all of these in place. Therefore, I recommend this park if you're arranging a family picnic or a group get-together, or want to spend quality time with your partner

16. Idanre Hills

Idanre Hills is situated in the historical city of Idanre Akure, Ondo State, which is perched atop a hill. I advise you to climb the 682 steps necessary to reach the top of the hill if you're searching for a hill with a lovely view of the surrounding area and spend some time there with your family this December.

17. Rojenny Tourist Village

Do you intend to spend Christmas in the perpetually crowded city of Onitsha or will you be in the eastern states of the nation during this festive time? Then the tourist village of Rojenny is among the stunning locations you should see.

The resort is situated in the calm village of Oba in  Anambra State. This magnificent resort has a zoo, dining options, a hotel with suites, sports facilities, and more.

The fact that this resort has a church, a mosque, and a traditional worship space means that even while on vacation there, you can keep your relationship with God. This is the resort's most striking feature.

18. Cercopan and the Marina Resort

The huge city of Calabar is home to these two spectacular locations. First of all,

Marina resort has a cinema, a circus ring horse ride, and jet ski rides. The boat also rides on the Calabar River creek. Marina Resort has an audio-visual slave trade museum.

On the other hand, Cercopan is a sanctuary for uncommon and alien kinds of monkeys and apes, especially the "blue bottom monkey," which has over 100 different types. I can guarantee that it will breathtaking for you and your family to spend December in this place.

19. The Lekki Conservation Centre

The Lekki Conservation Center is the ideal destination for animal-loving families. This December, make sure you and your family take a stroll down the highest canopy structure in Africa to see the birds, chimpanzees, and other endangered species that live in the reserve.

20. Olumo Rock

Olumo rock is a gigantic rock formation of granite rocks. The rock, a historical landmark, provided inhabitants with cover during intercity battles.

 What makes Olumo Rock one of the best places to spend December with your family is that there are elevators accessible if the kiddies don't feel like climbing the cliff to see this stunning location in Nigeria.


You have seen some of the best places to spend your December. Xmas is approaching, so pack your bags and let's go!


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