Teaching is  not just a profession but also a divine gift, it  goes a long way in molding , building, and extracting the best attribute from learners by the teacher.

Teaching is a  polymorphous activities , which means it  takes a several steps and sequential stages to be properly actualized.

Pincent (1962), however emphasizes that “Teaching is not simply what teacher does in order to effect the learning of the leaner, Rather a process of communication; an intercommunication between the teacher and the learner.

According to Pincent , he noted that for teaching to be efficient and effective their must be a room for communication.



Communication in the sense that their ought to be a proper language understanding and subjects awareness between the teacher and Learner.

Onwuka(1984), pointed that ,learning must occur as a consequence of teaching …..Meaning that teaching cannot said to have taken place if there is no evidence  that  leaning has occurred.

MEANING OF TEACHING: Teaching is a process of communication between two and more people, Is a process  by which teacher organize a sequential processes of impacting a  vital knowledge   to the learners.

Teaching  can be said as engagement with learners to enable  their understanding and application of knowledge.

In teaching , there is always the need for a human teacher who directs and guides the learner.

WHO IS A TEACHER?  Some people may say that a Teacher is someone who teaches. But to make it more understandable, A teacher is an experienced  and more knowledgeable  person , who furthers the education of others “Meaning a teacher is a well experienced and knowledgeable person who guides  a less experienced and less knowledgeable person to learn.


 A teacher does not just teach , but builds his/her learners in all aspects of life endeavor, social life, academic life, family life, behavioral aspects etc. in other to credit his/her impact on the learners.



1.Efficient Communication Skill:  Being able to communicate efficiently is one of the most essential stills of every teacher,  because through it information’s are been passed to the learners from the teacher.

Communication is a process of passing information’s or awareness of knowledge to audiences in other to bring them to the understanding of the context.

Communication is as important as the core knowledge ,without it nothing can be achieved.

'' Every teacher ought to be a good listener''

In a class where the teacher cannot be able to flow well in interacting with the student ‘surely those student well definitely find it difficult to comprehend the message of the teacher.

And in so doing brings the deterioration in knowledge and thereby learning is said not to be done.


2.DISCIPLINE  :  Teachers are meant to be a well-disciplined fellow with a high level of disciplinary virtue .

Discipline is the practice of training people to obey  rules or a code of conduct or behavior ,using an adequate reinforcement t correct  disobedient.

 A teacher is a disciplinarian , they are well calculative and often shone misbehavior's of all kinds  in other to ensure proper behavior , manner etc.

Discipline in aspect of the following:

a.     In Character

b.    Time management

c.      In manner of Approach

d.    In Relation with people around.

e.     In Conduct. Etc.   


3.WISDOM: A  Teacher is ought to be wise in discerning an issue and solving problems ,to make a rightful judgment .

Wisdom we say is a quality of having experience, knowledge, and judgment ; the quality of being wise based on sensible thinking.


4.DECENCY:  A Teacher is meant to conform to accepted standard of morality or respectability.

Teachers are like a role model to the learners , definitely those learners look up to there teachers  at all aspects of doing, decency is an important qualifications to be an effective e teacher ,Because indecent teacher will automatically produce an indecent learners.


5. KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING:   A Teacher should be well knowledgeable on his/her field of teaching  and as well ought to be an easy understood personality.

Should always practice what he/she teaches , in character and in words in other to back up what he/she taught the learners .


6. COUNSELING SKILL: Counseling qualification is  a virtue that all teachers should possess   in other to give his/her learners a proper advise and quid lines about life , personal matters around them.


7.FRIENDLY: Teachers are meant to be friendly to everyone around him/her , most especially his learners .

A friendly interaction with them but should have a limitation to avoid any sort of misconduct.


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