1. AFTER SCHOOL , WHAT NEXT? Here is a mostly asked questions by so many students, considering the economy states of the country a lot of student have loosed guard on themselves about their next steps after graduating from school.

Knowing fully well that there are a lot of graduates out there without jobs and they barely after schooling and spending all my resources , time , and energy ,,,,what will be the next of action?

ANSWER: Every human being at earlier stage of life must be able to define his /her life purpose . Going into school should be a channel or medium to harness, sharpen, and to bring your purpose into a desired level.

School is made to mold and sharpen a person’s life defined purpose or work and not to create work for you.

School doesn’t create job, rather sharpens one’s life purpose

So going into school with a negative mindset will definitely affects person’s ambitions and dreams in life.

So one should have his/her life purposed defined before going to school to sharpen it  .

2. IS SCHOOL A SCAM? Here!! Comes another disturbing viral questions a lot of students ask, following the recent slogans by several peoples that ‘’ SCHOOL IS A SCAM’’ That means that going into school is a waste of financial resources ,energy and time.

ANSWER: The truth is that school is never a scam , and will never ever be. Some people who couldn’t make it through school or education perceives it that school is worthless , but believe me when I say that school is not a scam and will never be .

Education is great and worthful venture where man dives to acquire knowledge which has gone a long way in solving and improving human existence.

Come to think of the Science and Technology how far it have revolved till recent time in solving human problems and making life more comfortable, what about great men and women of our time which where sharpened through school .

Knowledge we say is worth than silver and gold…… school is never a scam, the fact is that life is not a bird of roses and requires a great push to be on top, so please do not relent.

3. WHY AM I IN SCHOOL? This is mostly asked by several students on their aim of going to school, a lot do not know their main objectives for been sent to school and as a result made them to become aimless, unfocused and lack life directions.


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