What is education? Education over the years till now have been so powerful as  a process of teaching and learning ,especially in colleges or schools.  Education brings or develops the power of reasoning and judgments.

Education brings human to the realities of life’s development and evolutionary  changes through impacting and creating  an efficient enabling environments for better human existence.

Education is the development of abilities of the mind,Dr.Carol Dweck a professor of psychology at Standard University through her decades of research she stated  that ‘’ How a person see’s their ability to learn usually falls into one of the categories , that these categories result in different long- term outcomes and with   a person  can  change their mindset for better’’.

Importance of Education:

Education often brings the best state of man and alters the abnormal states of mindset and further develops it to a unique states of reasoning and judgment.

Education goes a long way in enhancing , innovating the human thinking and reasoning.

Teaching is a polymorphous activity which cannot be easily   reduced  to a single and simple definition .In other words, the meaning attached to the concept of teaching  depends  on some  variables among which are the background of the person defining it , the amount of knowledge available to him, and the time and place of the definition.

Education is so important to life, irrespective of several challenges accompanied its desirable standards suitable .Man seeks for knowledge basically to enhances his living and make his existence more easier and just.

Through Education learning is achieved both practically, theoretically and otherwise. The evolutionary changes today is as a result of intensive learning and acquisition of various knowledge’s in all aspects of life.

Education itself dynamically changes due to the inquisitiveness of man towards making his life a better place, through science and technology in improving both health state of man, Food production, shelter etc.


Knowledge according to Oxford Language states that it is ‘Fact,Informations and  skills acquired through Experience or Education; The theoretical or  practical  undersrtanding of subjects’’

Knowledge is an acquired facts , awareness,reults, of a subjects which through it problems are solved and understanding is made.

Knowledge is an outcome of learning which are achieved through a several processes on a specific course or subject is as important as the Education itself.

When a knowledge is well utilized , the importance of Education is achieved  and a problem is solved.

Knowledge we say is power, it is the realistics of what has been gained through learning.



Due to the state of financial possessions and economy of the country , people founds it difficult to attend to school of learning , or institution of learning to acquire a specific  degree of Education.

Now here are ways to acquire those certified knowledge without going to school:


An online learning program is a programed designed for people to acquire so many knowledge of accompanied courses with global accepted certificate.

         The program is designed in such a way that one can be working              and still be learning ,through a technological devices ,e.g Mobile phones, Laptop , Ipad etc.

What you need to do I just to visit the specified websites ,create an account , fill the necessary account details  and confirm the account through your Email and you are good to proceed.

Online learning websites:Sponsored › study › online

Online Learning for - Students from Nigeria.





2.Making  Use of Youtube App:

Youtube an online video sharing  and social media plateform which


Can serve as a medium to learn and acquire knowledge .

YouTube as a vital features where you can be visualizing the teaching and as well download the lesson videos. YouTube has several visual materials to get in touch with.

3.Making Vital Use of the Library:

Library is a  building  or room containing collections of books , periodical, and sometimes films and recorded music for use  or borrowing by the public or the members of the institution.

Library can serve as a great advantage in acquiring knowledge without going to school, because it gives you an access to read any desired books also borrow , to read or study at your convenience.

4.Employing a personal tutorial Master:

Employing a tutorial master is an another avenue where you can aquire knowledge without  attending to school, because the mater is there to quard you on several things , teach you and make unveil certain things to  you and sure you  understand it all.


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