One of the things most students finds difficult a times is ability to study efficiently , and due to that it became a torn to their fresh and directly hinders there individual academic excellence.

Knowing how to read and  what to read brings a student to a peak in his or her academic pursuit in school.

Excellently knowing what to study and how to study them doesn’t only distinguishes you among your mates but also brings the best academic knowledge in you as a student.

STUDY we say is the devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subjects or a detailed investigation and analysis of a subject or situation.

Studying ability is a virtue and ought to be built in other to harness it efficiently ,It goes with :

Effective Time management.

Concentrative Attention.

EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT: Time management is as critical as knowledge itself , it is the getting to do more of the important work done in a day ,mostly involve planning and controlling how much time to spent on a specific activities.

That mean it is the process of planning , , controlling and scheduling how much time to spend in an individual activities over a period .

Effective time management enables students to govern their activities and improves efficiency in productivity.

Mapping out time for study ( Reading Time- Table), gives a student a full control of how things are to be done and specific duration for individual subjects and its achievement in covering the course-outline per academic sessions.

CONCENTRATIVE ATTENTION: Studying is not all about reading , but is goes along with paying a critical attention to what is been read.

Paying a concentrative attentions involves:

Brainstorming :

1.Brainstorming is a relaxation state and informative approach with lateral thinking. It is a way of coming up with thought and ideas in solving a problem through Reading

This gives a student the ability to digest and assimilate what he or she is reading in other to solve and bring out an ideas.

2.Critical analysis : Critical reading involve using logical and rhetorical skills in understanding the facts of the context and to bring it to criticism , pointing out judgment and unsatisfied points .

3.Questioning & Anweer: Bring up question 

 associated with the facts and seek 

 for reliable answers , in other to credit your knowledge.


Before diving into how to study as a student, who is a student?

in a nutshell , we can say that a student is one who studies ,in an institution of learning , from primary to university level.

The person will enroll in a school or other educational institution, and must engage in learning.

How to study involves :

1.what to study? to study them?

WHAT TO STUDY? This happens to be the first thing that often pops up in the mind of every student ,what actually am I supposed to study?

What to study is so vital so as not to read aimlessly especially close to examination period.

What to study or read includes the following:

a) Recommended textbooks

b) Course handouts

c) Backup online research books


1. CRITICAL READING: Here the student is expected to criticize what he/she is reading ,in other to promote thoughts , judgement and ideas for innovations.

2.JOTTING DOWN POINTS : This is the process of pending down points as he/she is reading .Bringing out relevant points and ideas that justifies the tropics sentence or main ideas if each paragraph.

3.CREATING PERSONAL QUESTIONS: This helps alot in improving the reasoning and boost the in-depth understanding of what the student read ,whereby the student will go along way in questioning himself ,to  ascertain his /her level of understanding based on the subjects.

4.GATHERING ONLINE SOURCES: In other to ensure an adequate comprehension ,gathering sources from online in support of the a available books .

5.MAKING A PERSONAL NOTES: Creating personal notes are another way to read and increase your understanding on a subject , because as you are pending down the notes ,you are as well understanding it more accurately.

6.TACKLING PAST QUESTIONS.: This is very important ,after reading you bring your understanding Tina text by visiting all the past questions based on the courses/subjects and rate yourself.

7. Group Reading: This involves peer group discussion,whereby your reading groups will gather and be sharing ideas for a better understanding by others.


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