MARRIAGE is a beautiful union of  man and  woman whom have came into decision to be united ,in both blood ,fresh , spirit ,soul .
Which connotes peace ,unity  , existence of man and succession of one lineage to other.

Every woman is a gift from God but not every woman is right to be married . When a man  decides to get married to  a woman as a wife and spend his eternal life with ,there are lots of things he should put into consideration.

Which if avoided to do will definitely result to on unhappy marital life journey,that have led so many men useless ,death , suicidal mission,and waste resources. Why??
The reason is that women are too fragile ,emotional ,and can easily be hurting ,and not every woman has the same good character that a man ever wanted.

It can take a man years to get a rightful woman ,but can only take a woman an hour to be married.

Marriage is not a ceremony ,but a  resource to life " Biblically; "He that findeth a wife ,findeth a good thing." I quote''.. Meaning that before a man gets to marry a woman ,he must ought to search for the right one .

And finding the right woman seems to be harden to almost every man because the lust of the eyes is at times inevitable.But here are some things general proving to consider in a woman's personal life before thinking of getting married to her.:

 1.HUMILITY: This is one of the most important virtue to be considered before marrying a woman , humility is a potentiality of freedom from arrogance ,and pride.

When a woman is arrogant and too pride of herself,wealth of possession ,it simply shows that no single respect will be added to the man .And knowing fully well that what a man need is RESPECT. RESPECT connotes the ability of a woman to adhere to her husband at any point in time by bringing herself ,wealth down before her husband.

When a marriage is full of pride and arrogance   ,it often results to marital conflict,fighting  quarreling and finally divorce.

Humility is the key to a successful marriage especially on the aspect of woman .
Knowing fully well that every man naturally has the imperative of authorization ,power  as a man of the house At that of given a degree the woman should submit to his degree and not opposition to him.

 2.HONESTY : No man will ever love to get married to a lier ,when a woman is untrustworthy she is definitely not right to be married.

Considering honesty of a woman before getting married to her is very crucial before honesty is the solid foundation on which marriage is built.

Honesty  eradicate unnecessary jealousy or betrayer and infidelity in a marriage. 
Honesty fosters the growth of marriage to point of bringing the couple  to understand themselves more easily.

3. GOD FEARING : Having a God -fearing woman is as good as taking a cup of water after meal. Because it goes a long way in building a God -fearing children .

A woman with fear of God will foster and bring a God fearing children and after prays for her family ,pray for her husband both at work and of work and of the bring her family before the Lod Almighty.

Children that builds peace and joy in the family , community ,and the nation at large  ,and not a tout that involve themselves in all sorts of social vice's.

God is the maker of marriage so he is should be in charge in every marriage .

Couples that doesn't not know God or invite God to there home is automatically leading the marriage to collapse.God gives the ability to love ,and be to love.

4.RESOURCEFUL : Before getting married to a woman you should consider how resource she is ..ask and answer the following questions;

a) Can she work with me?
b) Does she have the ability to support and improve my resources??
c) what are her potentials??
Every man should marry a woman that can support her , facilitate in contributing for  building the man .

And as well support her man to grow in resources both materially and otherwise.



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