WATCH VIDEO : Catholic church Priest Orders No PVC ,No Entry..


A catholic church priest has been found announcing to the church congratulation , how important of citizens possessing their individual PERMANENT VOTERS CARD (PVC) , most especially , at this severe time in determination of the next president of the country Nigeria.

On that note, he made it clear to the church congregations an order of everyone to go and renew, or register for individual voters card, as that is their authority to ensure  voting -in the  right person on the presidential seat, so as to ensure a better Nigeria, Life -safety , and social amenities the states.

He then declare an order , No PVC , No Entry into the church presences ,  as it is an act of disobedience to God and the state at large.




On regards to that , the  INEC chairman MAHMOOD YAKUBU , encouraged the general public to try as much as  possible to register and renew their respective PVC, he disclosed his during political concert in Lagos.

INEC CHAIRMAN ;Mahmood Yakubu

 Further more ,for those  who have lost their voters cards ,they have chance to re-register for new ones , and for those who have registered but have not collected , should please go and collect theirs now , so as t enable them, to cast their respective votes for sensible leaders. 

Voters card , is not only meant to vote, but as well to enable the citizens to part of the decision making in selecting their one -hearted candidate to become the Leader.And gives citizens to power to make choices, so as not to blame anyone to the conquered  candidate.

The INEC chairman further brought to notice of the general public , the issue of PVC expiration rumor.He disclosed during a political concert in Lagos, that the Nigeria Permanent Voters Card do not expire.

Those that has registered before , should not go further to re-register , several cases of such as been identified lately from the registrar department , which results of such as individual having a double registration details.

On that note, if your PVC is no longer image-clear , you can review that on the Voters -card  registration portal , so to authenticate it m ore clearer.

He disclosed for the further deadline of the PVC registration and that everyone should do go now to register and posses their respective PVC.

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