Your Genetic -make up tells everything about you

 Genetics is the study of heredity.while heredity is a biological process where a parent passes certain genes onto their children of offspring.Every child inherits genes from both their biological parents .

This GENES in turn express specific traits ( character), which includes :- hair and eye color , skin color , height,shortness,tongue rolling ,shape of nose,responsiveness in dangers, anger, vocal voice etc.

The way certain trais are passed down from generation to another  and parents to offspring, depends on the DNA arrangement in the chromosome.

Genes influence how inherited traits can be different from person to another.Genetic information is ones genetic code or genome.Genome is made up of chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA) .

Your genetic code or genome determines or tells everything about an individual  ,because it automatically controls the persons character, responses, sex, speed, appearance  etc. 

Gene which stands for, (generating ) ,simple  a regeneration from an original source (parents) to there children  (offspring) ,that means, incest character  is neither depends on the parental genome .

In some cases, environment  critically affects the results  ,due to NATURE AND NURTURE  of the offspring  .

A child that is fortunately on a conducive environmental factors is likely to be recessive, over the other, whom is on uncomducive environment. 

Genetic makeup determine ,the sex of a child  in some cases  ,and attributes of such a child relative to the environment. 

Genes are very powerful that, if when altered can cause a generational abnormalities, diseases  like sick -cell  anemia, color blindness, klinefilter, swelling of body parts, blindness  ,retarding intelligence, etc.

Your chromosomes contain the blueprint for your body – your genes. Almost every cell in the human body contains a copy of this blueprint, mostly stored inside a special sac within the cell called the nucleus. Chromosomes are long strands of a chemical substance called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). 

A DNA strand looks like a twisted ladder. The genes are like a series of letters strung along each edge. These letters are used like an instruction book. The letter sequence of each gene contains information on building specific molecules (such as proteins or hormones – both essential to the growth and maintenance of the human body).

Although every cell has two copies of each gene, each cell needs only certain genes to be switched on in order to perform its particular functions. The unnecessary genes are switched off.

Sometimes, a gene contains a change that disrupts the gene’s instructions. A change in a gene can occur spontaneously (no known cause) or it can be inherited. Changes in the coding that makes a gene function can lead to a wide range of conditions.

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