10 Health Benefits of eating Cucumber


 Cucumber is a high beneficial  fruit  ,a member of cuccumbitacea family, contains compounds and antioxidants  which facilitates in prevention and treatments of health breakdown. 

It's high in beneficial nutrients  ,contains low calories  and very good amount of water for soluble  fiber, making them a source for promotion if dehydration  and loss weight. 

Nutritional values includes :

 * 45 calories  

* total fat:0 grams 

*Carb:11 grams

 *Protein:2 grams, 

*Fiber: 2 grams

 *Vitamin C: 14% of RDI

*Vitamin K :62% of the  RDZ

* Manganese :12% of the RDI : 


1.It promotes hydration : Cucumber has a way of promoting and enhancing the hydration of the body , through accelerating the water content in the body , because it can serve as a source for water which prevents the body from dehydration.

2.It aids in weight loss :  Weight loss has been ascertain medical to be achieved through the several metabolic  effects of eating cucumber.it goes a long way in enhancing the weight loss to limit obesity diseases.

3.It aids in lowering  of Blood sugar: Cucumber aids in the reduction of the sugar level in the body , which goes in preventing sugar related diseases.

4.It promotes filtration  in the lungs and Kidney:'. Excretion '  the getting ride toxic substances from the body , including ; urine and others , are be actualized and done through the kidney , and when their is blockage in the filters within the kidney , it results in divert  damage in the body system .

In other to ensure , an adequate filtrating in the kidney , consumption of cucumber as be medically proving to ensure and promote the filtration rate Importance of Cucumber S*exually: Both Male and Female - JayCaption also improve the sexual performance

5.Bone health : Bone marrows and  its healthy can be achieved through cucumber consumption, it goes a long way in cleaning all sorts particles withing the bone marrows and improve its heath.

6.Prevents Chances of Cancer :  It as been medically proving that cucumber can go along way in preventing cancers in the body , because it serves as a rider, it immunity improve.

7.Cardiovascular Health 

8.Prevent Diabetes


10.Improve skin health /care.

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