Soludo approved ,Anambra talent data bank portal

 On Monday  ,the Governor  elect  of Anambra state "prof. Chukwuma Soludo  " on his statement has unveiled  a portal  for Anambra indigene, interested  in public  service  for better  government. 

He made this statements, during his campaign  ,this will enable  a credible  and competitive  process  ,he approved  the launch  of the Anambra talent data bank for indigenes of Anambra people. 

The plate form, will enable people  of Anambra to seek interest and expression on political appointments  and career, it offers a high level of playing field of talents search selection  process. 

This will also bring  a competitive  process in political system,and promotes better government OK the state. As well as encourage youths  of interest in politiical pursuit. 


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