Valentine's  Day, also called St  Valentine's  Day holiday  (February 14).when lovers Express  their affection  with greetings and gifts. 

It has been suggested that the holiday  has origins in the Roman  festival. 

Valentine's  Day did not come to be celebrated  as a day of romance  until  about the 14th century. Valentine's  Day is celebrated  on every  14th of February. 

Valentine the named from a priest  who was Martyred about 270ce by the emperor  Claudius II Gothicus. The priest   signed a letter from Valentine  to his jairlers daughter  ,whom he had befriended and, by some account  healed form blindness. 

St. Valentine of Terni  ,a bishop, for whom the holiday  was named  

Valentine's  is marked as a day of :

* Love 

* Expression of life 

* Exchange of gift 

* Expression of true being   to all humanity 

*  Given to the needy

* Making the world a better place for everyone. 

Knowing fully well that, LOVE IS NOT SEX ,RATHER LOVE IS LIFE........ LOVE  is bringing  hope to those, that have lost there hope, strength  to the weak. And passion to make a brightful" colorful  change  to human  existence. 


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