5 ways to love your woman efficiently.

Every woman wants a loving, caring and respectful man to be with. Women are so fragile  ,that they can easily be broken  ,in thoughts, Action, emotional  and feelings.i.e.They can easily  got HURT. One of the character of every woman is "BEAUTY " i. e. They always want to be decorated.


Woman are like "input  and Output" what ever you give them, that they will surely gives out, why?? Because,they hardly believe in what you DO, rather in what you SAY to them ,your spoken words are like living water to their heart, mind and soul. They are created  with a tender mindset (too fragile). That means, they are ought to be pampered  ,take good care of, like an egg. Ways to efficiently  love your woman, includes :

1.DECORATE HER WITH YOUR WORDS:Every woman, wants a man that tells her, how beautiful she is, that she is the most beautiful woman on Earth, a man that can adore her ,look at her and smile.... Tell her sweet words, bring her to the point that she will begin to see herself as a Queen. At this point, her value will begin to come, she will begin to respect  and adore you as a man,and can go extra mile  to cook a delicious meal for you. 


Wake her up in the midnight  ,just to tell her "I LOVE YOU " .In her cooking kitchen  ,drop a written note for her,"expressing how much you love her".

2.LISTEN TO HER : always listen  to your woman,whenever she is speaking. It make them feel belonging  and useful. She can say a thousand words on one thing, but keep listening  to her. After  everything  analyse all she have said, you will discover  that she has said it all,Listen to her....and enjoy conversation. 


3. PROTECT HER: No woman, will ever like to be with a man, that doesn't  protect her, in fact  ,the major  attributes  for every woman to be with a man, is PROTECTION. 

protection  ,mostly in spiritual world, advice  her in everything she does  .Be here friend, lover and a councellor  .and whenever she makes a mistake ,correct her in love and when necessary. Don't always correct  her, because  "OFTEN IT BECOMES, WORTHLESS  IT GOES" ,i.e ,if you keep on correcting her ,on everything  she will begin to feel intimidated  and start disregarding your advice's .Encourage her sometimes, she might make mistakes. 

4. ROOM TO MAKE DECISIONS : every woman, is a hidden  treasure  ,that need to be unveil. You can never know worth of something  ,until you discloses  them. 

Give her room, to make some decisions  in the relationship ,and family  ,she will deliver a profit, when give a chance  ,don't deny her her right of decision making. Give her chances and she will make you proud. 


5 .PROVIDE FOR HER: Yes ,provide for her, she has needs, provide as an,, as little as it might be,,,,, don't compare her with other woman, bring the best out of her.

If you give her what she wants, she will give you what you need


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