Nigeria is pregnant, what will she deliver this 2022??

 Nigeria is country full with horny and greeny pastures, yet unseen. 

2021, was an indeed a great year for everyone in Nigeria alive today. Despite, all the troubles ,killings and fights, 2021 was unaccomplished. 

While on that, members of the National Assembly  have insisted to the 2022 amendment of Appropriation Bill, including the reduction of allocations  to 10,733 projects and insertion  of 6,576 new ones. 

All Nigerians  ,are expecting  the outcome of 2022 budgets  and how the phase will be for the year. 

Federal government   on search for implementation  of new laws, planning  and execution of the year budgets. 

Nigerians ,everyone on desk trying to sustain life through  daily toiling  ,for  food and shelter. 

Youths, are all on cyber business  ,hustling  for life, with target s of making millions  ,both on cryptocurrency  and others. 

Universities in ground insisting for their  stipend salaries  and wages, in so doing bringing lagging of academic system. 

Ethnicity  ,struggling go possession of political powers and territory 

The question  ,is, what will this year bring?? 

For this year to result good,, everyone has to give an effective supports respectively, both those in political power, in other to create an enabling environment  for an effective  outcome for the year. 

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