"Communication" An effective ingredient for MARRIAGES AND RELATIONSHIPS.


It was an interesting conversation with,Micheal  and Jazzy her fiance , whom happens to be present in my counseling unit time , to share relationships controversy with me ,it was really an exciting moment with them.

Micheal laid on my table , on conversation , he started by narrating how disrespectful and  nagging attitudes of Jazzy her fiance  , that she prefers spending maximum with her phone all days than talking to him.......At the time , when he finished , i looked at him smiled.

He was so inquisitive  to   know , my reasons for smiling,,,, but i kept calm. On the side of her fiance , she said almost the same thing.

I then asked them a question'"HOW MANY HOURS DOES YOU BOTH SPEND IN COMMUNICATING ??? I looked at there faces ,psychologically observing the looks of their faces.Could you believe ,that they have never ever spent at least 5minutes as a partner.......i smiled" looking at them , straightforward and gave them a task to solve their issue.


Firstly, WHAT IS COMMUNICATION IN MARRIAGE??? Communication is an intensive interpersonal and transactional process by which marriage partners achieve and maintain understanding of each other. It is a moment of process , where the two partners maintain a mutual soulful and mindful kiss.With communication , the partners flows on an ocean of intensive LOVE and FEELINGS.

Marriage and Relationships can never workout , without robbing minds together and spending an amazing  time together.Communication is a vita and an effective tool in building an effective marital life  , and as well as relationships,it com mots UNDERSTANDING , RESPECT AND LOVE .

Nobody is born  natural communicator ,that means , the two partners should build their communications strategies.

In a great relationship couples talk freely , openly and feel safe sharing their most private thoughts , They comfortably and considerately verbalize their concerns and feelings when difficulties arise and voice their positive thoughts when things are good. 


ABILITY TO LISTEN TO YOUR PARTNER:Whenever it becomes habitual , it gets interesting ,your partner should be your friend , gossip mate, brother ,sister and your resting bed-pillow.

Always find it interesting and funny to spend time ,with\ your spouse, listen to her always, whether she is making sense or not and vice versa, whenever you listen to a woman ,she will never hide anything from you because they are naturally created with an ability to voice out ,make her to feel valued and she will give you the BEST  business idea, strategies to achieve a goal .

A woman voice is full of wisdom when harnessed efficiently,both in home , business, trading e.t.c,she will show the BEST in her ,when given a chance to do so 


1.Peaceful Home



4.Out of sorts of evil


6.Financial Growth and stability.e.t.c.


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