Peter Obi's cash and carry supper market that was burnt , will be financed to bounce back greater than, it was ,Says Federal Government.

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Federal government ministers assured a full financial  support  to the ex.-governor of Anambra states, CASH AND CARRY SUPERMARKET  .

Which worth to billions of naira  ,the supermarket  ,was reported  burnt ,due to unascertained fire outbreak. 

Which took place on 26th December, and by God's of God, it didn't took any life as,even though the fire department officiate  ,was struggling to quench the fire at all cost, despite that, it got all the commodities  burns to archs

The CASH AND CARRY supermarket, which happens  to be a very wide job opportunities  for thousands of people of Nigerian. Where so many earns a living  .

The ministers on Tuesday,  promise to bounce the supermarket back, more than it was before, by ensuring a full recovery  of all the damages  caused  as a cause of the fire outbreak. 

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